Friday, April 1, 2011 sick with.....

hahahah..lama xwat entry kan..
sibuk ??? xda pon..xsibuk mana pon.saja malas..
ada sikit problem...huhuhuh...well that make me fell uncomfortable to write any note.
since mine had been gone..well i need u to know wat im thinking ryte now.

mybe today i can solve my prob by ignore her for a while..
im still miss u babe.hgahahahaha

sometimes make crazy when u think a lot of thng.,.
sometimes will make u loose and be a looser..haha

oOo .....
wat i trying to said ?
i donno. la/.
kadang 2 hidup tak menentu.
kadang2 hidup slalu happy
kadang2 slalu duka
by the way we must go through with our life normally..
and be natural ..
sorry for my broken english.
but im will improve from time untill death.

emmm...y must i love her?
y must i like her?
sometimes she never accpt o never appreciate wat im has done to her..
what will i doing years from now?


si ngokngek said...

luahan jejaka..hahaha.perempuan yg tak appreciete atau laki yang tak pernah ambik kisah pasal appericientnya seorang perempuan......

aiman suhaimi said...

hehehe...xtau gak...

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